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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Wheelies R8 Road Test & Review

Today, we are going to review R8, the latest unicycle model to enter the growing market.

R8's design is a breath of fresh air with an exterior that steers away from the tired and outdated wheel barrow model to a classic and stylish design with beautifully crafted ABS chassis. Its ergonomics chassis is designed with the riders’ comfort in mind, with curves to align to the shape of the rider’s calves and soft pads that does not compromised on comfort even when tightly gripped.

R8 is definitely not a new kid on the block, having churned out two previous models. In terms of performance, R8 is a well-honed unicycle that packs in a lot of all-round appeal. Besides its classy looks, it also stands out in performance. It scales a multi-level car park slope for a 75 kg-er without losing power.  When the wheel is off the ground, it takes about 3 seconds before the wheel spins and the power of the wheel being deactivated. With the additional “ airtime’ that R8 gives the rider, this greatly reduces the risk of the wheel giving a forceful push forward while the wheel is in air, causing the rider to lose balance when mounting / dismounting kerb. The front and back reflective strips also make it a safe companion for night wheeling.

The 16 inch R8 wheel offers stability while on the move. Coupled with a 264 wh battery, it is a perfect comeback to doubters that feels unicycle can only be used for short distance commute.

Manufacturer specifications
Speed – 18 km/h
Maximum Load - 120 kg
Slope ascending – 20
Wheel Weight - 11.7 kg
Distance – 28 ~ 40 km

R8 will appeal to those who wish to be different from the crowd and at the same time require  the additional distance that it is capable of. R8 comes in black and the pre-order price via Wheelies is $899 (UP$999).

Check out this video of our first test ride and follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the latest of R8! PM us or email us at info@thewheelies.sg if you are keen for a test ride. :)

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