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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

You first? Nope, its me!

Singapore is a Southeast Asian Sovereign city state of the Southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsula. Historically, Singapore has been
  • Part of the Johor Sultanate in 1613 but sank into obscurity after Portuguese raiders burnt it down
  • Founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 and became one of the British Straits Settlements in 1824
  • Conquered by Imperial Japanese Army between February 1942 to September 1945
  • Gained independence from United Kingdom and joined up with Federation of Malaya in 1962
  • Left Malaysia and declared independence in 1965

Given the short history of Singapore, it is also interesting to know that Singapore has scored many first and top rankings
  • World first Night Zoo
  • Largest fountain in the world
  • First Youth Olympics in the world
  • First Formula One Night race in the world
  • Easiest place to do Business in the world
  • Best Airport in the World
  • Best Intellectual property Protection
  • First in the world to use “Tissue Paper” to “chope” seats in food courts and hawker centres
  • First species of Lion-mermaid to be seen
  • First country in the world to ban chewing gum
  • First country in the world to put a boat on top of the hotel
  • First in the world to recycle pee and sell it as drinking water
  • First country in the world to iconize a fruit
  • Highest paid political leader in the world
  • And many others
With the citizens’ obsession with being the top of the world, its little wonder that there is another group of fanatics trying to muster and gather the historical archives to put forth their entry to Guinness World Records as being the world first indigenous population to use an electric unicycle. Below are some proof of the existence and usage of the electric unicycle in the past.

Pictures speak louder than words. However, only time will tell if they are successful. Let's wish them all the best. Godspeed!!

* Disclaimer: This article is meant to be a blog entry with no political reference, associations or discrimination. Do note that the author is still trying to get his certification for history, geography, economics, sociology, physiology, astrology and talkingcocklogy

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Green way to work!

Climates are changing and global warming is a real issue. It takes no scientist or genius to realize our Earth is changing at a faster rate than we can fathom. Just look at the hot/cold wave, floods, and typhoons around us.

  • Hurricane Katrina was the costliest hurricanes in U.S history and caused economic losses of approximately $125 billion
  • Tropical Storm Nock-ten inundated the provinces of Northern, North-eastern and Central Thailand. Even Bangkok wasn't spared as part of the capital was under water too. The cost of the flooding resulted in a total of 815 deaths
  • Typhoon Ketsana was the second most devastating tropical cyclone in the 2009 Pacific typhoon season, with a damage of $1.09 billion and 747 deaths


No one should underestimate the impact of the forces of nature. In order to have a future, we must protect our future. A little action goes a long way. Today is the day I decided to ditch my car and go to work with my Wheelie and public transport. Feel so good to be making a small contribution and fulfilling my role as a global citizen!!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Wheelies Going Places ...

Found an idyllic and sweet resting spot at the rustic Bedok Reservoir after a great workout for both the electric unicycle and the Wheelie. Watch this space as we update how fun can be part of your everyday life.

If you are guessing who has been training so hard, the answer can be found in the video. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Introducing 'The Wheelies'

Given the increasing demands of globalization, people worked longer hours and spend less time outdoors. The workplace is tough and demanding and given many have place career as their top priorities, it is no wonder we have seen more and more stress related problems and ailment.

Stress at work takes a toll on people's productivity. Besides impacting the physical health, there is an increasing tendency for it to impact the emotional health too. Stress leads to a deterioration of relationship and a breakdown communication, affecting people around them.

Four friends came together and decided that there is an opportunity to address issues of poor worklife balance by providing "fun" for people. After looking at the area of outdoor sports equipment, "The Wheelies" was conceptualize and born! The Wheelies is committed to bringing in "fun-wheels" for the young and young at heart.

When the idea of a "fun logo" was being discussed, we thought of making wild and interesting. The idea is feature wheels as well as a baseball cap within "The Wheelies" in a graffiti style. Looking at the first draft below, it would not take a genius to reject it immediately. Nice try but no thanks!!! Thomas needs to go back to schools and retake his art and craft lessons again!!

Evolution of our designs

After a few iterations, it was finally decided that the latter will be used as our site logo. The dynamism of our logo adeptly represents fun, joy, cool and laughter we seek to bring to our friends, families and partners! Join us today at www.facebook.com/thewheelies

The Wheelies

The Wheelies
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