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Saturday, 15 November 2014


This was "The Wheelies" first Halloween session together. Every Wheelians who participated in the Hallowheelie-ing nite had great fun! Here are photos taken during the night. Thanks all for the memorable night!

The evil twins? 
 Stop fighting...she's mine!
 At your service, little princess!
 He's mine!
 One for the album!
 Guy Fawkes...please call the police!
 Ghost rider still looking for another victim!
 Here's one for the album
 Revolutionaries? Just a loving father and his son!
 Taking a break after numerous photo request
 This young one sure pick up some skills from his dad
 Have anybody seen batman?
 Yup.. found him!
 GOTCHA! This will be your last photo
 The golden couple!
 Is Pumpkin man going to save us??
 The ghouls are getting edgy!
 Time to go Beijing 101 bro!
 Another group photo!
 Selfie time!
 Mayfair witch? Nope, just our beautiful SY
 Die Guy Fawkes!
 Our fans!
 More fans!
 I rest my case!
 She don't look scary at all :P
 Ladies, you came to the wrong party!
 The cool gang!
 Check out my new gfs!
And finally, our beautiful wheelies!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Wheelies R8 Road test & review Part II

This is a further update of R8 that we had reviewed recently.

- Equipped with a 264 wh Sony battery, it churns out up to 36km in terms of milelage for a 75kg-er in about slightly more than 3 hours

- R8 speed alert system, will beep at 15km/h, pushes you back on 17km/h and max speed is approximately 20km/h

- Unlike most of the brands out there which cuts your battery when its at 10% and below, R8 just forces you to slow down to a complete stop and prevent any possible injury from the abrupt stop

- It packs lots of torque at 600w, allowing you to ascend slopes and gradient with ease

- A classy gyroscope system which reacts according to how you ride without knee jerk reactions or stoppages that puts you off balance

Do contact us at thewheeliesasia@gmail.com or +65 96257729 to find out more.

Wheelies - Wheel with care and responsibly

Thank you for your participation and contribution of ideas in this morning "Wheelies - Wheel with care and responsibly". The Wheelies committee was also officially formed as part of the ongoing efforts to engage the authorities and ensure our voices are heard, . Here are our members

1. Alvin Chan
2. Thomas Lai
3. Daiyan Zheng
4. Dylan Cheong
5. Dennis Lam
6. Edmund Lim
7. Thomas Hoon

The notion agreed during the meeting as follows.
i. Education is the key to address the fear and concern for Wheelie-ing and the false perception of its danger. Each of us have a role to play in making this happen

ii. No riding on roads at all times as we are breaking traffic laws each time we do it. Not only we put our own safety at risk, but also others too.
iii. As most pavements are own by town councils, do practice courtesy "AT ALL TIMES" as we are sharing pavements with pedestrians. In the event in which your path is block by pedestrians, never should you weave through pedestrians without notifying them as they might be startled if somebody is to zoom pass them suddenly. A simple "excuse me" and "thank you" should solve the problem here.
Iv. PCNs is out of bounds as we have been notified that Nparks does not support green transport like ours.
v. Always keep left and a single file when wheelie-ing in a group
vi. Wheelies will organize a road safety park family event in December to educate the public and create awareness about wheelie-ing
vii. Wheelies will release a set of wheelie-ing etiquette in a FB post later

viii. The Wheelies committee will engage the relevant authorities with regards to the continual usage of the Wheelies in Singapore.

The Wheelies

The Wheelies
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