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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

30 reasons why you should get an electric unicycle!

Wheeling has been a part of my life since I took it up in March 2013. It has kept me occupied and open a whole world of social activities for me. If you are still thinking whether if you want to get yourself an electric unicycle, you should stop thinking further. These are the reasons why you should get yours today.

1. You get to explore many places in Singapore. We organise weekly outings with our members

2. It's a perfect ice-breaker. Despite being around for more than 3 years, people are still amaze each time they see one

3. It's a chick magnet. Don't worry about not having an Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps, Brad Pitt looks or Robert Pattinson youthfulness. All those are forgotten once they see you on an Electric Unicycle. The appeal is universal too for ladies.

4. You are the coolest person around

5. Perfect tool for bonding

6. Nights are no longer boring with regular night wheeling sessions 

7. You do not need a COE to use an electric unicycle (as long as your don't go onto the roads as it is breaking a law)

8. Doing something out of character and people will still find you cool

9. Contrary to the belief that it is effortless and burn zero calories, electric unicycle actually work out your core muscles, balancing and muscle coordination. Learning how to ride typically takes at least an hour.

10. Be seen doing what the stars are doing. It might be even more for some lucky few.

11. Representing the Wheeling community and helping out in events

12. Meeting your leaders and giving them advice on electric unicycling

13. Perfect tool to keep your little ones (including your pets) away from Ipads and computers games

14. Chance to spend quality time with your love ones and totally shut the entire world out
15. Imitating your favourite idol while you are wheeling

16. See the world in a wheel (Note that not all airlines allow electric unicycle to be checked in)

 17. If jogging is too tiring for you, you might want to consider getting fit with an electric unicycle

 18. It's a perfect gift for someone special

19. It's an excellent Point A to Point B tool due to its small size and portability. Not forgetting the cost savings of using it (works out to be about $0.50 per day based on assumption of 20km usage).

20. It's a perfect tool for CBD wheelers to go around during lunch time for more options

21. Chance to customise your wheels and look like your favourite action hero

22. Perfect excuse for diet to wait

23. Chance to appear in somebody's comics or memes

24. Chance to illuminate the night with your wheels

25. Accessorise your wheel with diamonds and crystals or even make it hard-core

26. Members wheel almost daily and celebrate special events together

27. Chance to teach others about electric unicycling


28. We have an unique way of celebrating members' birthday

29. Chance to be part of our grassroot events

30. Part of the whackiest unicycle group in town

 and with friends like this, don't think you need any more reasons, or do you?

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