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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Welcome to the Wheelies bloopers

Wheeling is an enjoyable activity. Not only can we get to enjoy the freedom being on the wheel, we get to visit many places in Singapore where we would normally not go to e.g. Pulau Ubin, Green Corridor, Seletar Dam, Changi Village. Some of of regular members like Norman, Jacquelin and Wanfei would attest to that, wheeling on average of more than 50km every outing. I also knew of some members who would be wheeling daily without fail, for work and for leisure.

Besides the bonus of moving around with complete freedom on the wheels, the icing of the cake is ultimately the camaraderie build up via our weekly outings with like minded individuals who enjoy wheeling around too.

While there were many enjoyable wheeling moments with the Wheelies, there were some funny ones too. Every now and then, there would be some individual who would provide us with some comedic moments with their own version of bloopers. Do note that these bloopers were captured while we were filming and none of it was staged. Enjoy.

Wheelies Bloopers Episode I

Wheelies Bloopers Episode II

Wheelies Bloopers Episode III

Wheelies Bloopers Episode IV

Wheelies Bloopers Episode V

Wheelies Bloopers Episode VI

Wheelies Bloopers Episode VII

Wheelies Bloopers Episode VIII

Wheelies Bloopers Episode IX

Wheelies Bloopers Episode X

Wheelies Bloopers Episode XI

Wheelies Bloopers Episode XII

That's all folks for today. Till we meet again for the next blooper update.

* Disclaimer All characters appearing in our videos are not paid actors. Any resemblance to other bloopers videos you seen is purely coincidental. No humans or animals were harmed during recording. No offence intended for anyone who appeared in the video. 

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