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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Our Wheeling Etiquette

The Wheelies Kampong
Established in 2013, The Wheelies is a specialist in Electric Unicycle and Singapore largest independent Electric Unicycle group. We do care about the safety of the wheelers, especially the newbies. The Wheelies is currently engaging relevant authorities to allow more leeway to the usage of Electric unicycle in Singapore.While we are having headway in putting a strong case forward about wheeling being safe and its role in helping Singapore solving its transport crunch, our case is still currently under consideration by them. You have a big part to play too in keeping wheeling safe and legal for all. Below are some wheeling etiquette we can follow

1. We don't own the pavements. Do practice courtesy and patience at all times

2. Wheel at a comfortable speed. Speeding in crowded places is a STRICT NO.
3. Protective gear such as helmets, arm and knee guards are encourage

Young girl wearing a protective helmet

4. Always have proper lights on your wheels if you are wheeling at night

5. No wheeling in shopping malls, bus interchanges, MRT stations and places where PEVs are banned etc

6. Watch out for pedestrians who don't pay attention (e.g. playing on mobile or talking) to their surroundings
7. Notify the pedestrians in front your intention to overtake them. Do say a word of thank you once you pass them.

8. Slow down and stop when approaching traffic lights and zebra crossings even though the traffic is in your favor
9. Always check before moving off
10. If you are wheeling in a place that is too crowded, do step down and push.
11. When wheeling in a group, try to keep in a single file whenever possible. We do not want pedestrians to be overwhelmed by our presence
12. Walkie Talkies will be issued for future wheeling session and there will be a designated individuals responsible for the well-being of everyone during our outings
13. Always slow down and pay attention to blind spots and you might not know there might be people dashing out
14. Slow down when trying to overtake a pedestrian.
15. Be careful when wheeling past drinking establishments as you might be "harassed" unexpectedly by drunkards who will try to pull you down your wheel.

The spotlight is on you. Thus, its important that the public have a positive perception about us (wheeling) and we do seek your help in sending the right message across and making our wheeling community a responsible user.

With that, we would like to sign off this post. Its Xmas' eve and its another wet and rainy day so if you are wheeling outside, please be careful of the wet conditions. The Wheelies would also like to wish everyone a Merry X'mas.

Thank you.
The Wheelies

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