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Friday, 29 April 2016

PK: KS16A vs ACM 16

The race for the best 16 Inch wheel is on. While we still have more than half a year more to go before the year ends, it seems like the award for the best 16-inch wheel for 2016 will be a close fight between KS16A and ACM 16 given Ninebot P have written themselves out of the race even before they entered.  While there are many online discussions of the pros and cons of both wheels and to a certain extend heated, there is very little structured constructive comparisons out there. 


KS16A is rated at 800W while ACM 16 is rated 1500W with peak power at 3000W. KS16A has a maximum speed of 30km/h while ACM16 on paper is rated at 45km/h.  Not sure if I will ever get to that speed with ACM16 but its definitely good to have. 

Verdict: GW ACM 16 WINS 


Both models uses imported batteries. and  have 680WH / 820 WH versions. Gotway uses Panasonic cells while King Song uses LG cells.

Verdict: Tie


Both models offer App for the rider to customise their wheels.

Verdict: Tie


I was informed that ACM looks the way it is because it is designed to withstand wet weather as well as harsh road conditions, especially over dirt tracks. However, in the modern day where looks counts as much as functionality, I am sure lot of buyers out there is keen on "chic" wheel too. The integrated handle, LED lights as well as Bluetooth functionality will appeal to most out there.

Verdict: KS16A

Summary of others head to head comparisons:

Max Power
ACM 16
ACM 16
Integrated Handled
“Wow” Factor
Bluetooth Speaker
Anti-Slip pedals
Riding Experience
ACM 16
Calve Cushions
ACM 16
Battery options
APP availability 

Final result
ACM 16 Wins = 4   KS16A Wins = 4   Tie = 5

Honestly, it’s hard to choose a winner between these two wheels. In the end, it really depends on the type of user you are and what you use the wheel for. If speed and power is the only criteria, look no further than ACM16 . Likewise usability for KS16A. While ACM 16 is the fastest wheel and KS16 is a more balanced wheel, there is no such thing as the best wheel in the market, only the best wheel that meet individual needs.

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* Tester have been riding since 2013 and has tested both wheels and is giving his neutral opinions based on usability, overall look and feel as well as riding experience.

Our very own Kampong Boy!

Today, The Wheelies Times is honored to be given the opportunity to speak to our very own Kampong Boy, Kelvin.

[TWT] Firstly, tell us about your age and what do you do for a living
[Kelvin] Hello there. I'm turning 33 this year, currently self employed.

[TWT] How did you start on the EU, how long you've been wheeling?
[Kelvin] I started wheeling in Oct 2014. It all started when I saw someone wheeling at the stadium and was attracted to how much freedom it has while moving. I went back to do some research and tadahhhhh, within a week, I was wheeling on my very 1st Airwheel X8.

[TWT] how did you find out about Wheelies?
[Kelvin] Once I know how to wheel, I went on FaceBook to search for interests groups to find like like minded people as well as to try to get more information on the different models of wheels out there and I stumbled upon this wonderful Kampong.

[TWT] Why do you like Wheeling?
[Kelvin] I love the ability to travel hands free, and on  how it's such an awesome green way of travelling and a perfect choice of transport for first and last mile transportation solution. Most importantly, I'm attracted by the friends I made here and glad to be part of this wonderful kampong. I'm the kind of guy who enjoys being in a close knitted community, and with the wonderful spirit and friends that I had found in here, it's definitely something I wouldn't find anywhere else.

[TWT] What is the most difficult trick you have done?

[Kelvin] Well I enjoy wheeling as it is and not so much into tricks on the wheel. If you insist, probably the best I did was wheeling on a single leg?? =D 

[TWT] Challenges for Wheelers in Singapore
[Kelvin] Go and be a positive ambassador for the PMD community. Start wheeling safely and always put the public's safety ahead of yourself and of course, start sharing this wonderful mode of travelling with all the people you see today. 

[TWT] Any last words for your readers
[Kelvin] Don't forget to say Hi to the next wheeler you see out there!!!!! Everyone here wheel with a big smile across their face... =D

Sunday, 24 April 2016

iWheel4Fun & Inmotion Challenge

There are too much good things to be said about the inaugural PMD event of the year, the first of its kind. Since a picture tells a thousands words, rather than to bore you with my story, I am going to leave you with some pictures of the event and a video clip of today's event. * Video Credits Dennis Lam

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The detroned King

Today, we are going to look at another forgotten wheel MCM2S. Gotway is one of the manufacturer that is known to make fast wheels and they have developed a strong following with their MSuper and ACM16. While the design of MCM2S looks outdated, it does offer something different for wheelers.

In terms of looks,  MCM2S looks like the various cheaper wheelbarrow design alternatives in the market and it could definitely do more to improve on the aesthetic front. However, while it fails miserably in terms of design, this wheel does have an X factor.

MCM2S is a 14 inch wheel. Don’t be deceived by its looks though, because just like a Mini Cooper that outruns most of its bigger counterparts, MCM2S actually packs in lots of power. It is a 500 watt hub motor electric unicycle (compared to Airwheel X3’s 350 watt and an Inmotion V5+ 450 watt). It has enough power for a 76-kger to mount a 30 degrees slope without too much of a problem. The gyroscope is extremely sensitive though and riding it is not as easy as compared to the other electric unicycles. You need to have extremely good balance in order to control the wheel. It accelerates comfortably to a speed of 25km/h. Although the user can continue to push it harder to a higher speed, it is generally not recommended as there is a potential risk that the battery might cut off beyond that speed. Gotway also does not have a tilt back feature and the wheel does not spin wildly when it loses contact with the ground, unlike all Airwheel. The hard riding mode also is a plus point as compared to the other wheels in the market. One improvement though that they could certainly make to the wheel is the height of the pedal as the current pedals scape the floor easily.

MCM2S comes with a Bluetooth app, which allows the user to control the mode of the ride ranging from soft, comfort to Madden. The software also tracks the speed, voltage and temperature of the wheel. It comes with an alarm function which serves as a horn for the rider.

Personally, I believed MCM2 is much better wheel than MCM4. If Gotway is going to develop a product that going to wow the ever demanding electric unicycle fans, I do hope they can revert back to their basic of building reliable wheels than chic looking wheels.

MCM2 S Specifications

Wheel Size – 14″
Battery Size 340Wh
Max Speed – 28 km/h
Max Range – 26 km
Climbing angle – 26
Wheel Weight – 10.8 kg
Maximum Load – 100 kg
Others – Bluetooth & Android App, Charger

* The Wheelies do not carry this product.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Hot Wheel Hidayah

It's another edition of "Knowing your fellow Wheelian" and today, The Wheelies Times is honoured to be given the opportunity to speak to Pinky Hot Hidayah.

[TWT] Firstly will need your age and occupation
[Hidayah] I am 29 this year.. and I am your friendly Nasi Padang girl :)

[TWT] Seriously 29, I thought you look 18. How did you start on the EU, how long you've been wheeling?
[Hidayah] It has been slightly over a year since I first started. I trained at my void deck alone for almost a month.. after 10pm when there aren't many people walking around.However, things got easier after Towkay Hoon came by to give me coaching for the second time! (thanks Towkay!)

[TWT] How did you find out about Wheelies?
[Hidayah] Well, I saw someone wheeling past me outside Pomo somewhere in 2014. I thought it was cool (and expensive.. hahahaha). I didn't think too much of it until early 2015 when yet again, someone wheeled past me. I turned to Google and taadaaa.. it brought me to Wheelies and Towkay Hoon delivered it to me that very night.

[TWT] Why do you like wheeling?
[Hidayah] I don't like wheeling. Are you kidding me? I love to wheel. What's there not to love?

[TWT] What is the most difficult trick you have done? 
[Hidayah] I haven't been practising much. Been lazy and have been using it to commute from point A to point B. I'll start practising tonight.

[TWT] Challenges for Wheelers in Singapore
[Hidayah] We definitely have to keep our eyes peeled for pedestrians who like to glue their eyes on their mobile phones while walking. Overall, most pedestrians I've met are more then accommodating in giving way to me. Smiling helps-Alot!

I hope the law gives us the green light to wheel 'everywhere' soon. Boy, that would be like an icing on the cake!

[TWT] Any last words for your readers
[Hidayah] Wheel safe to my fellow Wheelians.. to those who are still considering whether they should pick up this sport,  Go Go Go!

Thank you Hidayah for your insights about your wheeling experience! 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Reliving the GREEN moment

The Green corridor door route was divided into three parts: Tanjong Pagar, Bouna Vista and Rail Way Mall. Below were some pictures and videos the last time we visited the Green Corridor.

And this is what we did last Sunday.

Will be looking forward to our next trip there.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Dummy guide for iWheel4Fun

iWheel4Fun is Singapore First Active Mobility Carnival and its happening this coming Sunday, 24 April 2016 at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Below are some fun facts you should know about iWheel4Fun
  • It is Singapore's largest Active Mobility Carnival
  • It showcases the largest range of Personal Mobility Devices in one venue
  • Visitors can try out different brands of Electric Scooters, Unicycles, Kick Scooters 
  • This is event is supported by Singapore largest Electric Scooter Community (BWSS) and Singapore largest Electric Unicycle Community (The Wheelies)
  • There are fringe activities such as treasure hunt, fun races, performances, outdoor activities, related workshops, trial clinics to learn how to ride or skate, discussion panels, food trucks and more awaits you and the entire family! 
  • Free shuttle services is available at Tanah Merah MRT

  • iWheel4Fun Challenge, a time-based obstacle circuit for 3 main categories - Electric Scooter, Electric Unicycle and Kick Scooter. 
  • There are more than $1000 worth of prizes to be won in the iWheel4Fun Challenge

  • There is also an inaugural Inmotion unicycle Challenge to be held on event day from 1-2pm, EXCLUSIVE to any one who owns an Inmotion product. The fastest rider will walk away with a brand new V3Pro worth $999  

Best of all. ADMISSION IS FREE! So bring your family down this coming Sunday for a day of fun filled activities. You can also logon to www.iwheel4fun.com for more information.

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