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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Top Electric Unicycles for August


















* Based on estimated figures from sales of electric unicycles in Singapore http://thewheelies.sg/shop/ as well as TWG members registration

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The most economical kids electric scooter!

Most electric scooters in the market weights about 15-20 kg with a top speed of 25-40 km/h. Electric scooter aren't really designed for kids with specs like these till Inmotion came out with Harveia.

Introducing Inmotion Harveia ES05, a lightweight electric scooter build with the kids in mind and for the kids. with a top speed of only 13km/h. Its colourful, zippy and easy to maneuver. Its foldable, making it easy to bring it around. It's definitely a recommended scooter for the kids, age between 6-12 years old.

Inmotion Haveia is now available in Singapore. You can click here to find out more about how to buy the wheel. Inmotion Harviea ES05

Monday, 15 August 2016

8 reasons why you should buy from authorised dealers

With the growing popularity of buying online, it is becoming easier for consumers to compare prices and buying online in the comfort of their home. With a click of a button, all the prices from different sellers will shown on the computer. If all things are similar, most consumers would probably go for the cheapest price since the products are the same or looks the same. While the principal product is the same, there is definitely nothing similar in terms of the entire package. Let us look at some factors that you, as a consumer, should be aware of.


Well, maybe you don't need the additional services such as delivery and training which the Wheelies provides as part of the package but you need to look at the other factors of the sale such as the fine print or the exclusion clauses for warranty. Most of these online deals only have a one month warranty. At certain times, what should be part of the package are taken out and sold separately. e.g. charger, cover, handle etc. In some instances, even though the spare parts are part of the warranty, consumer are sometimes slapped with an exorbitant fee to repair.


Stocks from unauthorised dealers are mostly procured from China retailers whose goods are supposed to be manufactured for China market and sold there. Do note that the specifications of the product is slightly different for domestic product and export product. e.g NineBot E & NineBot E+, KS16A vs KS16B . It is not difficult to identify which are parallel exports goods as all of these goods carries a serial number. In the instances of parallel exports, the manufacturers do have a right to refuse to supply spare parts or acknowledge warranty claim.


Do note that all authorised dealers are appointed by the manufacturers and have signed agreements with them to distribute their products.

“When I bought the NineBot E, I was promised warranty. I noticed there is a problem with my battery on the 5th month and couldn't be fully charge. I sent for repair for the battery, they denied there is anything wrong and ask me to wait another few more months and monitor. I actually took the advise and went back on the 8th month. Eventually, they told me that the warranty for battery is over and they cannot do anything"

So be aware: Parallel importers and unauthorised dealers will have issues with warranties. You are taking a huge risk when it comes to after sales support.

Do note that to prevent service standards from deteriorating, all major unicycle brands (KingSong, Inmotion, NineBot) have come together and agreed not to service and honor warranty for parallel exporters.


As an authorised dealer, the Wheelies will have access to all parts and stocks.  If you wheel is under warranty and damage due to manufacturing defect, we are committed to repair it for you, no matter how difficult it may be. This is a commitment and assurance we give to all customers.


We believe in doing business in the right manner as we want to be success in the long term, building The Wheelies as a brand of reliability and trustworthiness. We DO NOT CONDONE malpractices. Nothing of the sort of hidden fine prints or under-declaring the value of goods just to avoid paying GST. All our goods have went through required certifications with Singapore Power too.


Authorised dealers go through stringent training before they are given the rights to distribute the products. Even under unforeseen circumstances where the problem, support will be given to authorized dealers so that they can manage the repairs.


The Wheelies believe what we do will have an impact on the industry being the largest electric unicycle group in Singapore. We thread carefully on the boundaries. We also make sure that the products we brought in are throughly tested and reviewed before being introduced into the Singapore market.


Authorised dealers will have access to the latest product launch as well as demo unit for interested customers to test. All preorders deals are geniune offers and there are no hidden costs and gimmicks.  

Monday, 8 August 2016

Discovery of Inmotion V8

Having the world's first V8 outside of China, The Wheelies shared with the audience about their experience with the wheel.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Gotway MSuper 3

MSuper 3 has been in development for a few months and Gotway has been slowly releasing teasers to the official Facebook page with regards to the wheel since March. The last time I was at Gotway factory in May, I only had the chance to try out the wheel within the premises of the factory. Today, I finally had the chance today to get hold of the unit and take it for a spin. So, does the hype meets the expectations, we will find out. Let us first look at the specs

Rated at 1500w motor power, this wheel is definitely not short of power. Being a victim of numerous powercuts of malfunction and crap wheels, I am definitely extremely careful with this one.

I started out cautiously given my recent injuries. However, as I used it longer, I started to grow with confidence with the wheel. It suddenly all appear to me its actually a fun wheel especially for those who has a "need for speed" or enjoy extreme dirt tracks wheeling. When needed, the sudden burst in speed is there. The rated specs of the highest speed is 40km/h, though i believe it can actually go above that speed. (Of course at your own risk)

While cruising with the wheel, you can definitely feel a firm grip on the ground with this wheel even at higher speed. In fact, the stability gives you so much confidence that you are always moving with confidence at a higher speed with this wheel. You definitely won't feel a drop in power in this 1500w rated motor. It has no problems in scaling a 20 degrees slope for a 78 kg adult. The USB is a useful feature too. 

This is definitely a hella of a beast wheel for one who can control the beast.

  • Very stable wheel even at high speed
  • Integrated handle
  • Good pedal grip
  • A fun wheel capable of taking all the different terrains
  • Smooth acceleration 
  • USB point to serve as emergency power bank
  • 18 inch wheel means it can roll over most obstacles without issue
  • Probably the best 18 inch wheel in the market unrivalled by none
  • Consider this a Gotway wheel, it is actually quite classy looking
  • Quite comfortable on the calves despite being an 18 inch wheel

  • A clumsy wheel to manoeuvre but better than MSuper 2
  • Very heavy to carry around in situations where wheeling is not possible
  • Light are probably not bright enough
  • Not practical for city riding
  • NOT LTA specs compliant
  • Definitely need to suit it up with protection as the speed is dangerous

Please send your preorder queries to info@thewheelies.sg. Msuper 3 is available for preorder at the following prices:
  1. 680Wh - $1399
  2. 820Wh - $1699

Special thanks to Linnea Lin  for explaining the functionalities of the wheel to me and allowing me to try the wheel.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Inmotion V8: The First look

I had a chance to test ride the latest V8 wheel by Inmotion in Shenzhen today. While I have not seen the wheel before or known about the development of the wheel that started six months ago even with our preferred partner status, based on the ads that were published, there are plenty of  good things to look forward in this wheel.


This is a high speed wheel which has a built-in handle. While other high speed wheel such as Gotway ACM and KingSong 16B makes lots of noise, this wheel is incredibly quiet.


From far, it do looks like a spawn of V5 wheel but if you look closer, it does appear to be bigger than its predecessor. Part of it is because the change of the size of the wheel from 14 to 16 inch.


For a 16 inch wheel, it weighs incredibly light at 13.5kg


I personally felt that this is the best design 16 inch wheel in terms of shape. Its so easy to maneuver. The only discomfort about the wheel is that there aren't any proper cushions for the gripping, unlike the V5. This makes gripping the wheel uncomfortable for the calves. I was informed though that the cushions will be available as an accessory for purchase.


Inmotion V8 retains the height of V5. While I hated the floating feeling and insecurity of V5, V8 does give me a sense of stability due to its wider tire size. The height of the pedals mean that it is not easy to scrap the floor.

I used to like the grip on the pedals of V5 alot too due to its solid grip. Thank goodness that they have retain that from V5 too.

Riding Experience

Being rated to hit speeds up to 30kph, Inmotion is a joy to ride. I have no problems in riding up the hill of 20 degree too as there is no apparent loss in power in scaling it. My only complain here is the tiltback does make you take notice it and telling you that you are overspeeding (which ain't a bad feature if you look at it positively). For people who are fans of Gotway, you can look away.

Trolley Handle

The best integrated till date with a well thought design. The handle is well hidden when not used. There is a button where you can press so that the handle will spring out off the catchment. To keep the handle, all we need to do is to press it downwards till the wheel lock the handle.

  • Love the customisable LED effects
  • The slimmest 16 inch wheel to date
  • Chic design makes it a class above the rest
  • Light weight at 13.5 kg
  • Good speed and torque to move around any terrains
  • Peak performance @ 3200 w
  • Wheel is uncomfortable on the calves
  • Detachable battery is not as simple as you need a screwdriver to detach 6 screws
  • Lack of bluetooth speaker
Inmotion V8 is definitely a well balance wheel. It targets the best of both worlds, chic design, a good performance with a respectable mileage. So if you are looking for a new wheel, you may want to consider the Inmotion V8. Preorder yours from The Wheelies today at only $1088.00 (Launch price $1299). To reserve your Inmotion V8, go to https://goo.gl/YkPDm2

Top Electric Unicycle for July















* Based on estimated figures from sales of electric unicycles in Singapore http://thewheelies.sg/shop/ as well as TWG members registration

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