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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Personal Mobility Devices by Channel News Asia

First Look Asia is a 2-hour breakfast programme that combines all the latest in world, business and sports news with lifestyle topics. We scour the Internet to find out what’s trending online and review regional dailies to see how they’re covering issues pertinent to Asia. Each day, we have a special segment covering food, travel, technology, cars, property and health – all the things that matter. Wake up with us – every morning 7am - 9am

Cruise Control hits the pavement to suss out the latest Personal Mobility Devices! Geoffrey Lip gives us the lowdown. The Wheelies (Electric Unicycle) is featured in this particular episode.

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Princes and Princess of #TeamWheeliesJunior

Children are spending too much "screen time" on their smartphones, laptops, TVs. According to Cynthia, all these have CHANGED when she introduced wheeling to her kids. The joy of wheeling means her kids are now spending quality time outdoors with her, their friends, uncles and aunties from the Wheelies. Besides the benefits of concentration and muscles coordination, performing in shows such as Chingay and Racial Harmony Day has also taught the kids about teamwork and build their confidence.

There are many talented young wheelers in the Wheelies community. All of them have exceptional skills and many of them outshine the adults in terms of their skills and showmanship. They have put their skills to good use by performingto sell out audiences in shows such as Chingay Parade, Punggol Street Parade, iWheel4Fun Roadshow and many more. Without further ado, let us introduce some of them, starting with the princes
Ethan Lim
Age: 12

Jayden Lim
Age: 4

Travis Neo
Age 10

Jacob Goh
Age 10

Toh Brothers
Jordan Toh
Age 9

Brandon Toh
Age 7

and of course, our princesses...

Chermaine Goh
Age: 13

Phelia Hoe 
Age 12

Juel Chan
Age: 9

Learning how to wheel takes approximately one to two hours for children as they have a better sense of balance at their age. The movements of unicycling teaches and train the children their muscle coordination, sense of balance, anticipation and building a strong core for them.

Well, that's all for today my friends. I will leave you with a video of #TeamWheeliesJunior performance in iWheel4Fun roadshow.

Picture credits: Kirby Ong

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The rustic charm of Pengerang!

Pengerang is an area at the southeastern tip of Johor, to the south of Desaru. The island of Pengerang can be reached via bum boats from Changi Point Ferry Terminal (Changi Village) daily. There is no fixed  schedule- the bumboat operators will only leave when there are 12 passengers. The earliest ferry is around 7 am, and the last bum boat is around 3-4pm Singapore on weekends. As Pengerang is part of Malaysia, you will need a passport to enter.

The Wheelies had a chance to visit Pengerang earlier this year, thanks to one of our regular members Dennis Lam, who offered to be our guide for this trip. It was an highly anticipated trip for the Wheelies, given this is the second official trip we went overseas and the prospect of a sumptuous seafood waiting for us. So rather then to bore you with my text, do look through the video we created as well as the pictures taken during our trip.

In short, while the first part of the journey was exciting, sifting through villages after villages, the second part was not as interesting as the journey was cut short due to the risk of wheeling on a highway with vehicles racing pass us.  We decided to stop wheeling in the interest of safety for the wheelers and it was definitely the right decision taken.  It was overall still a pleasant experience despite the difficulties because we still wheeled a cool 1.5 hours non stop and of course the sumptuous seafood cuisine at our destination.

Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Pengerang

Monday, 25 July 2016

Wheelies Exclusive: Official pictures of Inmotion V8

With these pictures, we can now look forward to a three cornered fight between KS16B, ACM and V8 for the best 16 inch wheel of 2016.

Test ride video will be available soon.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

The mysterious Inmotion ads

"Witness the big change"

Wow! Honestly, my first impression is that this is a tag line for the ongoing American Presidential elections but when you look clearly at the ads, it is actually an ongoing teasers by Inmotion, one of the world's leading manufacturer for Personal Mobility Devices. They are releasing these teasers in preparation for a new wheel launch in China on the 25th July.

As far as the new wheel is concern, this is work in progress since January this year and based on the numerous visits I made to office in Shenzhen, this is a highly classified project. They are very secretive about releasing details even to distributors. Strangely, most of the staff aren't aware of this new wheel and for those who knew, none of them had seen the design of the wheel. 

I have been receiving lots of calls with regards to the wheel ever since they released their teasers a week ago on the Inmotion APP. While I admit I don't have much details to share, this product should have the following

  • It is likely to be called V8
  • Its a 16 inch wheel
  • Mileage of 40-50km
  • Speed of 30 km/h
  • LED lights
  • Dettachable battery
As the leading distributor in Singapore for Electric Unicycles, The Wheelies will be given a demo unit for us to review. Hopefully by then, we will be able to share more information and pictures with you. 


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Nite Corridor

With only a land mass of 719.1 km , Singapore does not offer too much nature treks for wheelers like myself to explore given it is very much a city state. However, there are still options available if we are willing to dig further.

Beside Pulau Ubin, one of the places we frequently went is the Green Corridor. So what is the "Green Corridor"? Tanjong Pagar railway station was a railway station located right at the edge of Central Business District in Tanjong Pagar. Officially opened in 1932, it was a rail network that linked Singapore all the way to Kuala Lumpur. The station was operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) until 30 June 2011. While the train service is no longer in operation, the rail network linking from Tanjong Pagar all the way to our neighbours has been preserved for now. The ‘Green Corridor’, estimated to be about 27km, is an uninterrupted stretch of greenery and woodlands that runs the entire length of Singapore, from the old Tanjong Pagar Rail Station in the south to the border of Malaysia in the north.

The Green Corridor track can be considered an entry level trek given its relatively flat gradient. While its not as exciting as the mountain bikes trail in Ubin, it does offer its difficulties with its large pebbles as well as hidden potholes. Given there are also soft mud trail along the way and we are doing this trail in the cover of the darkness, this route is a wheeler's dream who wish to test it skills level against the backdrop. Check out a short compilation video of the "Green Corridor" below.

* Things to take note for those who are attempting this trek
- With almost pitch darkness, torch light is a must
- Wear long sleeves and pants if possible as insects prey on these grounds
- Prepare for any unexpected potholes. Suiting yourself with guards and helmet is encourage
- Bring lots of water as there are no "drink vendors" along this route
- Your ride is more comfortable with 16 inch than 14 inch
- Take note of exit points along the route just in case of bad weather

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Shine Festival 2016

SHINE Festival returns to Orchard Road to celebrate the best of youth in Singapore.

SHINE Festival, an event organised by National Youth Council, encourages youths in Singapore challenges youths to 'stage up', 'stage out' and 'stage beyond' in pursuing their dreams, under the theme “Your Next Stage”. This 11th edition of the festival debuts exclusive youth-centric experiential zones with exclusive discounts and activities on Festival Street and Festival Village which stretches across the Orchard belt from *SCAPE to ION Orchard.

The Wheelies is proud to be invited to be a participating act in this year edition of Shine's Festival. While our youth days were millennium years ago, we are nevertheless excited to be involved with the millennium kids.  We have been rehearsing for this event since we were engaged in April to be part of the performing act. Not contended with just reusing our old acts, we spent most of our time experimenting with different moves and trying out more challenging acts. While many our our practice sessions resulted in injuries after a mistime move, we did not give up. Our hard work has been paid off given the  response from the crowd. 

Photo / Video Credits: Kirby Ong

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