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Thursday, 21 July 2016

The mysterious Inmotion ads

"Witness the big change"

Wow! Honestly, my first impression is that this is a tag line for the ongoing American Presidential elections but when you look clearly at the ads, it is actually an ongoing teasers by Inmotion, one of the world's leading manufacturer for Personal Mobility Devices. They are releasing these teasers in preparation for a new wheel launch in China on the 25th July.

As far as the new wheel is concern, this is work in progress since January this year and based on the numerous visits I made to office in Shenzhen, this is a highly classified project. They are very secretive about releasing details even to distributors. Strangely, most of the staff aren't aware of this new wheel and for those who knew, none of them had seen the design of the wheel. 

I have been receiving lots of calls with regards to the wheel ever since they released their teasers a week ago on the Inmotion APP. While I admit I don't have much details to share, this product should have the following

  • It is likely to be called V8
  • Its a 16 inch wheel
  • Mileage of 40-50km
  • Speed of 30 km/h
  • LED lights
  • Dettachable battery
As the leading distributor in Singapore for Electric Unicycles, The Wheelies will be given a demo unit for us to review. Hopefully by then, we will be able to share more information and pictures with you. 


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