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Friday, 29 July 2016

Princes and Princess of #TeamWheeliesJunior

Children are spending too much "screen time" on their smartphones, laptops, TVs. According to Cynthia, all these have CHANGED when she introduced wheeling to her kids. The joy of wheeling means her kids are now spending quality time outdoors with her, their friends, uncles and aunties from the Wheelies. Besides the benefits of concentration and muscles coordination, performing in shows such as Chingay and Racial Harmony Day has also taught the kids about teamwork and build their confidence.

There are many talented young wheelers in the Wheelies community. All of them have exceptional skills and many of them outshine the adults in terms of their skills and showmanship. They have put their skills to good use by performingto sell out audiences in shows such as Chingay Parade, Punggol Street Parade, iWheel4Fun Roadshow and many more. Without further ado, let us introduce some of them, starting with the princes
Ethan Lim
Age: 12

Jayden Lim
Age: 4

Travis Neo
Age 10

Jacob Goh
Age 10

Toh Brothers
Jordan Toh
Age 9

Brandon Toh
Age 7

and of course, our princesses...

Chermaine Goh
Age: 13

Phelia Hoe 
Age 12

Juel Chan
Age: 9

Learning how to wheel takes approximately one to two hours for children as they have a better sense of balance at their age. The movements of unicycling teaches and train the children their muscle coordination, sense of balance, anticipation and building a strong core for them.

Well, that's all for today my friends. I will leave you with a video of #TeamWheeliesJunior performance in iWheel4Fun roadshow.

Picture credits: Kirby Ong

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