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Friday, 5 August 2016

Gotway MSuper 3

MSuper 3 has been in development for a few months and Gotway has been slowly releasing teasers to the official Facebook page with regards to the wheel since March. The last time I was at Gotway factory in May, I only had the chance to try out the wheel within the premises of the factory. Today, I finally had the chance today to get hold of the unit and take it for a spin. So, does the hype meets the expectations, we will find out. Let us first look at the specs

Rated at 1500w motor power, this wheel is definitely not short of power. Being a victim of numerous powercuts of malfunction and crap wheels, I am definitely extremely careful with this one.

I started out cautiously given my recent injuries. However, as I used it longer, I started to grow with confidence with the wheel. It suddenly all appear to me its actually a fun wheel especially for those who has a "need for speed" or enjoy extreme dirt tracks wheeling. When needed, the sudden burst in speed is there. The rated specs of the highest speed is 40km/h, though i believe it can actually go above that speed. (Of course at your own risk)

While cruising with the wheel, you can definitely feel a firm grip on the ground with this wheel even at higher speed. In fact, the stability gives you so much confidence that you are always moving with confidence at a higher speed with this wheel. You definitely won't feel a drop in power in this 1500w rated motor. It has no problems in scaling a 20 degrees slope for a 78 kg adult. The USB is a useful feature too. 

This is definitely a hella of a beast wheel for one who can control the beast.

  • Very stable wheel even at high speed
  • Integrated handle
  • Good pedal grip
  • A fun wheel capable of taking all the different terrains
  • Smooth acceleration 
  • USB point to serve as emergency power bank
  • 18 inch wheel means it can roll over most obstacles without issue
  • Probably the best 18 inch wheel in the market unrivalled by none
  • Consider this a Gotway wheel, it is actually quite classy looking
  • Quite comfortable on the calves despite being an 18 inch wheel

  • A clumsy wheel to manoeuvre but better than MSuper 2
  • Very heavy to carry around in situations where wheeling is not possible
  • Light are probably not bright enough
  • Not practical for city riding
  • NOT LTA specs compliant
  • Definitely need to suit it up with protection as the speed is dangerous

Please send your preorder queries to info@thewheelies.sg. Msuper 3 is available for preorder at the following prices:
  1. 680Wh - $1399
  2. 820Wh - $1699

Special thanks to Linnea Lin  for explaining the functionalities of the wheel to me and allowing me to try the wheel.


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