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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The forgotten wheel

Flashback. It was 2013. Solowheel has been in the market since 2011 and has slowly found its presence in Singapore. However, the exorbitant price of $2,888 meant that this unique state of the art wheel is limited to a exclusive few. I was lucky enough to get hold of an IPS 103 (replica, knockoff, copycat, whatever you like to call it) for only $500 directly from China and hand carried it back to Singapore via a commercial airline when air travel with the wheel is not prohibited. While IPS 103 served its purpose of being a Point A to Point B wheel, it does have a lot of issues with power cut, "introducing" me to the tarmac countless times. While the love for wheeling didn't diminished, there was renewed optimism when The Wheelies started importing Airwheel later part of 2013.

The first generation comes with a 88 wh battery before a bigger size battery of 132 wh and bigger motor size wheel was introduced much later. With a reliable product at an affordable price, Airwheel sparked an increase in uptake of electric unicycle usage in Singapore, with 9 out of 10 wheels in the market sold being Airwheel. It has reached a divine status where whenever someone see a unicycle, they will instinctively shout "AIRWHEEL"

Fast forward to 2016, Airwheel lost its place as market leader to other more sophisticated wheels. Other than having an outdated design,  it also lose out in style, design and features. People don't really buy Airwheel these days despite the rock bottom prices. Lest we start to forget about Airwheel, there are certain points I would like to point out

- It's still the most durable wheel in the market. The wheel that I had in 2013 is still working fine despite the horrendous knocks it suffered

- It's the most affordable wheel to start with, especially if you are a beginner
- It does not have any crap gyroscope issues that is associated with sub-$300 wheels manufactured by fly by night factories
- It does serves its purpose of a last mile transportation tool with its up to 15 km distance
- Unlike Hoverboard that catches fire easily, safety is assured

While it may not have the mileage KS16A can provide you, an on-the-move music player like an Inmotion V3, the cool APP of Ninebot One E and a performance wheel like Gotway, it does serve a market where price is of a concern. Given the wheels that is available in the Singapore market, Airwheel still offers the best value for money and an ultra reliable wheel.

Technical Specifications
  1. Max Speed – 18km/h
  2. Max Range – 15km
  3. Battery -132Wh
  4. Weight – 9.8kg
  5. Wheel size – 14″
  6. Charging Time – 1 hr
  7. Max Loading – 120kg
  8. Colour – Black / White
You can buy your Airwheel too at an affordable price of S$399. It comes with a free delivery, training package and a one year local warranty (terms & conditions applied). You can contact our sales at 9625 7729.


  1. To be honest even tho I never rode an airwheel the specs were similar to my first one... Great to learn on... Took lots of knocks and dents, but like any low budget wheel...sooner or later you crave a more powerful wheel. Will I ever get rid of my low spec wheel ? Never.... I will never ride it and it's great for learners. And even if it dies.... It makes a great ornament and cool to look at. Plus... I can never get rid of my first ever wheel. Great article Thomas hoon. Really enjoyed reading it ��

    1. Thank you Neon. Lest we forget, Airwheel did play an important role in bringing electric unicycles to the masses. I previously owned 5 units of AW before switching to other brands


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