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Friday, 22 April 2016

Hot Wheel Hidayah

It's another edition of "Knowing your fellow Wheelian" and today, The Wheelies Times is honoured to be given the opportunity to speak to Pinky Hot Hidayah.

[TWT] Firstly will need your age and occupation
[Hidayah] I am 29 this year.. and I am your friendly Nasi Padang girl :)

[TWT] Seriously 29, I thought you look 18. How did you start on the EU, how long you've been wheeling?
[Hidayah] It has been slightly over a year since I first started. I trained at my void deck alone for almost a month.. after 10pm when there aren't many people walking around.However, things got easier after Towkay Hoon came by to give me coaching for the second time! (thanks Towkay!)

[TWT] How did you find out about Wheelies?
[Hidayah] Well, I saw someone wheeling past me outside Pomo somewhere in 2014. I thought it was cool (and expensive.. hahahaha). I didn't think too much of it until early 2015 when yet again, someone wheeled past me. I turned to Google and taadaaa.. it brought me to Wheelies and Towkay Hoon delivered it to me that very night.

[TWT] Why do you like wheeling?
[Hidayah] I don't like wheeling. Are you kidding me? I love to wheel. What's there not to love?

[TWT] What is the most difficult trick you have done? 
[Hidayah] I haven't been practising much. Been lazy and have been using it to commute from point A to point B. I'll start practising tonight.

[TWT] Challenges for Wheelers in Singapore
[Hidayah] We definitely have to keep our eyes peeled for pedestrians who like to glue their eyes on their mobile phones while walking. Overall, most pedestrians I've met are more then accommodating in giving way to me. Smiling helps-Alot!

I hope the law gives us the green light to wheel 'everywhere' soon. Boy, that would be like an icing on the cake!

[TWT] Any last words for your readers
[Hidayah] Wheel safe to my fellow Wheelians.. to those who are still considering whether they should pick up this sport,  Go Go Go!

Thank you Hidayah for your insights about your wheeling experience! 

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