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Saturday, 23 April 2016

The detroned King

Today, we are going to look at another forgotten wheel MCM2S. Gotway is one of the manufacturer that is known to make fast wheels and they have developed a strong following with their MSuper and ACM16. While the design of MCM2S looks outdated, it does offer something different for wheelers.

In terms of looks,  MCM2S looks like the various cheaper wheelbarrow design alternatives in the market and it could definitely do more to improve on the aesthetic front. However, while it fails miserably in terms of design, this wheel does have an X factor.

MCM2S is a 14 inch wheel. Don’t be deceived by its looks though, because just like a Mini Cooper that outruns most of its bigger counterparts, MCM2S actually packs in lots of power. It is a 500 watt hub motor electric unicycle (compared to Airwheel X3’s 350 watt and an Inmotion V5+ 450 watt). It has enough power for a 76-kger to mount a 30 degrees slope without too much of a problem. The gyroscope is extremely sensitive though and riding it is not as easy as compared to the other electric unicycles. You need to have extremely good balance in order to control the wheel. It accelerates comfortably to a speed of 25km/h. Although the user can continue to push it harder to a higher speed, it is generally not recommended as there is a potential risk that the battery might cut off beyond that speed. Gotway also does not have a tilt back feature and the wheel does not spin wildly when it loses contact with the ground, unlike all Airwheel. The hard riding mode also is a plus point as compared to the other wheels in the market. One improvement though that they could certainly make to the wheel is the height of the pedal as the current pedals scape the floor easily.

MCM2S comes with a Bluetooth app, which allows the user to control the mode of the ride ranging from soft, comfort to Madden. The software also tracks the speed, voltage and temperature of the wheel. It comes with an alarm function which serves as a horn for the rider.

Personally, I believed MCM2 is much better wheel than MCM4. If Gotway is going to develop a product that going to wow the ever demanding electric unicycle fans, I do hope they can revert back to their basic of building reliable wheels than chic looking wheels.

MCM2 S Specifications

Wheel Size – 14″
Battery Size 340Wh
Max Speed – 28 km/h
Max Range – 26 km
Climbing angle – 26
Wheel Weight – 10.8 kg
Maximum Load – 100 kg
Others – Bluetooth & Android App, Charger

* The Wheelies do not carry this product.

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