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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Wheelies Basic 101

"Are you ready to whizz around town on a unicycle? Welcome to the electrifying world of unicycling! Get ready to breeze along as our PA Trainers ease you into the range of techniques to cruise confidently."

The above was the exact message that People Association advertised in their monthly newsletter and yes, that's right. As of July 2015, The Wheelies has accepted to offer to conduct lessons in People's Association. The Wheelies 101 Basic course will be teaching students the different techniques of unicycle such as how to mount/dismount, manoeuvre obstacles, move off and stop safetly. With the right training and proper guidance, everyone can now wheel.

The Wheelies LLP is proud to be part of this partnership with People's Association. With the move of electric unicycle to the grassroots, we are hoping for the growing popularity wheeling among heartlanders.

The Wheelies LLP The Wheelies is an online community set up in March 2013 to promote safe and responsible electric unicycling in Singapore. They then incorporated a LLP in May 2015. They organize activities for its members and also conduct unicycle course for beginner and advanced users of the wheel. They are committed to creating fun for the young and young in heart.


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