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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Hallowheelie-ing Night 2015

Hallowheelie-ing is a term that originates from The Wheelies. According to the definition of Wheelieford Dictionary, Hallowheelie-ing is "the act of wheeling on an electric unicycle during Halloween" 

Facing off his maker!!!
And yes you are right. It was the time of the year again where the Wheelians from The Wheelies (Singapore based electric unicycle wheeling group) got together for a round of wheeling. Hallowheelie-ing took place on the last day of October, this was also the 2nd year in the row where The Wheelies organised Hallowheelie-ing and as part of the tradition, all participating Wheelians were encouraged to dress up in their "worst" scares. 

While we were expecting some good responses, what turn out to be just another wheeling session became something more than what we hope for. Never in our imagination did we expect that 55 Wheelians turning up all suited up with the intention "to scare" the people around them (attendance from 2014 was 12 Wheelians).

The starting point of Hallowheelie-ing was Raffle's City McDonald's at 8pm. The intended route was to go through Esplanade Park, Esplanade, Helix Bridge, Gardens by the Bay, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay and back to Raffles City in 2.5 hours but after the first 10 minutes, we knew that we are in for the long haul. It was a huge turnout by the Wheelians and there were lots of photo taking opportunities with the public. The Wheelians were mob everywhere they went with many excited passerby all wanting to have a photo opportunity with the dressed up Wheelians.  For the record, we spent close to 2 hours outside McDonald's before finally able to move off.
The priest and his army of vampires
While we were wheeling along the route, we had many passerby waving at us and giving us the thumbs up. I was wondering though if they were referring to our Wheels instead :). Nevertheless, the mood of the night was fantastic and every Wheelians have their fair share of fun. They were natural, feeling very comfortable with all the eyes and cameras on them. We were moving at a really slow pace with enthusiastic passerby stopping us at every given opportunity so as to have the chance to talk and take photo with us. Upon reaching Clarke Quay, our group also mingled with other night revellers that "prowled the streets". The rain that came threatened to kill our party. However, it failed to dampen the spirits.

While we only reached back our intended destination at 2am in the morning, everyone still looked fresh and excited after the night out. We were all glad to be part of the Hallowheelie-ing event. For me, even though I have totally lost count on the request for photos that night, I am glad I made it an eventful night for people whom we met along the wheeling route.
Even Magic Babe Ning cannot save you!


Mr. Vampire

And his subduer

Evil cirque du Soleil
Family of evil!!!


Unlikely trio!
The death hunters
I feared for my life
Looks like they found their victim

The death squad

Battle of the evils!
Looks like a pervert Vampire

Wheelie-ford Dictionary
* Wheelie-ford - The Oxford standard of Wheeling terms
* Wheelians - members of the Electric Unicycle Group, "The Wheelies"
* Hallowheelie-ing - Wheeling during Halloween night
* Vampire - Chinese type, typical seen in Qing Dynasty official costume
* EU - Electric Unicycle
* Wheelie-ing - act of moving on the electric unicycle

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