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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Introducing 'The Wheelies'

Given the increasing demands of globalization, people worked longer hours and spend less time outdoors. The workplace is tough and demanding and given many have place career as their top priorities, it is no wonder we have seen more and more stress related problems and ailment.

Stress at work takes a toll on people's productivity. Besides impacting the physical health, there is an increasing tendency for it to impact the emotional health too. Stress leads to a deterioration of relationship and a breakdown communication, affecting people around them.

Four friends came together and decided that there is an opportunity to address issues of poor worklife balance by providing "fun" for people. After looking at the area of outdoor sports equipment, "The Wheelies" was conceptualize and born! The Wheelies is committed to bringing in "fun-wheels" for the young and young at heart.

When the idea of a "fun logo" was being discussed, we thought of making wild and interesting. The idea is feature wheels as well as a baseball cap within "The Wheelies" in a graffiti style. Looking at the first draft below, it would not take a genius to reject it immediately. Nice try but no thanks!!! Thomas needs to go back to schools and retake his art and craft lessons again!!

Evolution of our designs

After a few iterations, it was finally decided that the latter will be used as our site logo. The dynamism of our logo adeptly represents fun, joy, cool and laughter we seek to bring to our friends, families and partners! Join us today at www.facebook.com/thewheelies

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