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Monday, 23 December 2013

Of food, gifts and.... Wheelie!

This time of the year is always the time for gatherings, parties, overnight mahjong/poker sessions etc.  And being Singaporeans, the topics during the parties usually revolves around food.  The Wheelies got ourselves invited to a Christmas party recently (read: gate-crashed) under the pretext of delivering a set of Wheelie to our first lady customer.

Not your typical Santa Claus
Arming ourselves with knowledge of where to go for best supper, brunch etc, we were pretty confident of not ending up as wallflowers during the party.  The party went on as per our expectation, with food, COE prices and property cooling measures being topics of the day until the gift exchange started.  All the guests were eyeing the “big, red, angry bird box-set” until our gracious host dropped a bombshell and announced that the angry bird box was a surprised Christmas gift for her partner. 

Knight with his shining White Wheelie!
After everyone exchanged their gifts, a “test-drive” of the Wheelie by the new owner is in order.  Off we go to the nearby playground and being a breezy afternoon that day, there were quite a fair number of people in the playground, from doting grandparents running after their grandkids to domestic helpers standing around while the children played catch with their friends.              

Our new owner zipped around in his new toy attracted a lot of attention and the afternoon suddenly turned into a mini demo day for the Wheelies. 

A typical day at the playground, that is until the Wheelies arrived
If you are organising a party and need help to keep your guests entertained, you know who to call.  Our charges are very reasonable – a cup of kopi, and lots of laughter.  That's all we ask for. 

To all who stopped and chatted with us during our weekly Sunday demo days, happy holidays and have a “wheelie” good one!  Hope to see you wheeling around soon!

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