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Friday, 26 February 2016

V8s, the "Crocodile" wheel

Eyu (鳄鱼 means crocodile) is a manufacturer of electric unicycle (not related to Crocodile Garment). I remembered coming across this particular brand 1.5 years ago. During that time, it was one of the few brands that produced long distance wheel (80km). While it is very compelling to have a long distance wheel, Eyu V series was not considered for the Singapore market as it was visually not attractive and the brand is not well received in China.
One of Eyu's long distance wheel
Fast forward to 2016, the very same makers launched a new 8 inch wheel known as V8s wheel. Weighing only at 6.1 kg. it is indeed one of the lightest wheel, if not the lightest. While being light has its advantages, is it simply a case of removing the best features from the wheel?

"Black & Decker is also in electric unicycle business?" This is the first impression that people have of this wheel. Without a proper description about the wheel, anyone who chance upon it might have mistaken it to be a new lawn mower. 

This "lawn mower" weighs only 6.1 kg and it comes with a IP65 waterproof rating.

6.1 KG
12 km/h
China OEM 158 Wh
 25 km/h
Approximately 60 mins


I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed there is an app support of this wheel. In fact, any wheel that do not have an app support is considered to be behind the curve for electric unicycles. Eyu's app allows the rider to check the amount of battery left in the wheel, the current voltage and speed, remote locking of wheel as well as communication with the Eyu community.

Unlike the other light wheel GotWay 5/10, this wheel allows the rider some degree of gripping on the calves due to the tall wheel body. Despite its small wheel based of only 8 inches, the design does make it easier for the rider to move around as there is ample rest on the calves to maneuver the wheel.


The pedals is relative big and high above ground. The rider can make sharp turns without scrapping the floor. However, due to the lack of grip on the pedal, I believe the rider will have gripping issues during wet weather

Riding Experience

This is not an easy wheel to ride given the small base of 8 inch and a slim design. It is really a wheel made for intermediate and advance users. The riders are balancing themselves all the time and constantly working on their core muscles. Any slight movements will mean the wheel will spin out of control. The small base also mean it is not suitable for outdoor terrains as small wheel based don't handle bumps well.

The 350 wh rated motor means that it is under-powered and given that it motor power, it is more suited indoors than outdoors. It lacks enough power to scale a slope in a multi storey car park as it only has a 10 degree rating. The claims of a mileage of 25 km is also highly debatable.


This is a wheel for those who intend to challenge their balancing skills. Other than its light weight and low cost, there is really nothing about the wheel that makes its a winner. I will probably wait for better light weight wheels in market.

Do note the wheel is 8 inch, not the 6 inch as mentioned in the video


2.5 / 5
2 / 5
3 / 5
3 /5
3 / 5

* The tester is a pioneer in the electric unicycle industry and have tested and review more than 100+ different type of wheels in the market since 2013.

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