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Thursday, 5 April 2018

A 5000 km journey on wheel

A group of electric unicycle fans had planned to travel 10,000 kilometers within China using only their electric unicycle. The objective of the trip is to honor the founding fathers of the People's Republic of China, who have bled and sweat on this road and lost their lives during the long march. This ambitious plan has been brewing for a long time before the team finally decided to proceed with their plans after months of planning and organizing the group. It was not an easy trip given the distance and the commitment of time, not to forget the terrains, weather and logistics issues for this journey.

Their journey started on June 18 2015 from Jing Gang Shan, Jiang Xi Province. It took the team 21 days, 2500km later, passing through Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, and dozens of counties before they finally reaching Zun Yi County. The team decided to take a few days rest in Zun Yi before leaving for their next destination.

The team set forth for the 2nd part of the journey on the 25th August. This part of the journey saw them passing from Zunyi to Yan'an via Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Aba (Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous), Gansu, Ningxia ( Hui Autonomous ), Shaanxi and other regions. Total mileage for the second leg of the journey was 3,100 km, with the team spending another 29 days on the road.

While it is easy for us to imagine they have nice roads for them to wheel on, the truth begs to differ. The team has to wheel trough barren hills, plateaus, snow-capped mountains, grasslands. Many of the paths they taken are muddy roads or roads that has not been completed. The challenging route has created all sorts of problems. The team also experienced a lot of injuries due to road conditions, illness and altitude reaction. In short, the trip was hazardous. However, what is gratifying is that they managed to reach their destination in Shanxi with the efforts of unity and cooperation of the entire team. They finally ended their journey on the 21st September, after more than 3 months on the road.
While failing to hit the milestone of 10,000 km, the group has provided inspirations for many to follow suit and break their record. It also shows that electric unicycle is NOT A TOY.  It functions as an environmental friendly transport which is portable and provides a flexible alternative for people to move around, short or long distance.

* Source: 惠宗. Information translated from journals from different members of the team who took part in this trip.

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