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Thursday, 21 November 2013

I love my electric unicycle!

“Hey, what’s that?”, “That’s cool”, “How do you balance on one wheel? I want to learn it”, “where do you buy it from”, “Is it difficult to learn”

These are some of the comments and questions I received when I hopped onto my unicycle and the lists just goes on. Generally people looked at the unicycle with amazement and interests and I must say, in a good way!
Most people looked on with curiosity because unicycling is literally standing and balancing on one wheel. While the video makes unicycling looks simple, there is a learning curve, just like cycling or inline skating. A typical person takes about 20 mins to learn basic riding techniques. The rider needs to balance by keeping their knees and body straight. It’s easier said than done though as it takes lots of practice and application.

Some friends did asked me why I need a unicycle (in fact I got 3) when I am driving a car. My reasons are:

  • I love going to the park during weekend to ride on my unicycle
  • I can now follow my niece and nephews while they cycle and kick-scooting
  • I lived in an estate where it is 10 mins walk to the town centre. However, parking is a premium given the limited lots. The unicycle lightness and portability means that I can ride to town centre and carry my unicycle around without having the trouble to look for parking lots
  • Feel good factor of riding on a unicycle and I love the challenge of picking up new techniques
  • On some days where I felt that driving isn’t necessary, I choose to unicycle and take public transportation to work. A typical journey to work begins from unicycling to the nearest train station (1km), taking a train to city and unicycling another (500m) to my workplace
  • Believe it or not, my waist line actually reduced after using it for 3 months

While I agree that unicycling isn’t meant for everybody, I must say that I didn’t regret getting mine. Below are some sites where you can get your unicycle too.

The Wheelies

I am open to sharing my learning experiences with you too if you need additional guidance about using your unicycle, regardless of where you buy it from on which brand you using. Please feel free to drop me a note at thewheeliesasia@gmail.com. Have fun!!

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