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Friday, 8 November 2013

You are very orbit!!!

In the land of Sing-Ka-Por where Singlish is widely understood and commonly used, having the right branding and name is even more challenging due to the diverse nature of the market. However, a lot of brands selling in the market has been ridiculed for their translation or pronunciation in local dialects and accent 
  • DBS: Don’t be Singaporean
  • PRADA: Roti Prata?
  • Subaru: Just Lost 
  • Honda: Win(d) Big 
  • Pepsi : Die for nothing
  • Shell: Crazy
  • Volkswagen Passat : wet market
  • NTUC: Auntie You See
  • SENTOSA: So expensive Nothing to see actually
  • BMW: Bring More Woman
  • Dior: Tio Toto or 4D
  • Peugeot: Pang Jio means peeing
  • OG: Old Generation, Old Girls
  • Chanel: Channel 5?
So how does the Orbit Wheels compare to the above hilarious translation in Singapore context? 

Orbit in local context means something that is old fashion or out of fashion. Alternatively, it could also means serves your right. Definitely not a start they are looking for fashion conscious Singaporean

In terms of design, it does remind me of the wind fire wheels used by Chinese deity Nezha. That aside, weighing at 5 pounds, it means that I can carry around wherever I go.

AS for the usability, based on some of the video presentation on the web, it uses a completely new technique for skaters to move. Rather than moving in a V-shaped forward thrusting action in inline skating, Orbit wheels moves sideways with twisting forwards and backwards momentum. It certainly looks like it can only be operated on a smooth surface. The movement does look unnatural too. Based on general feedback on the web, it certainly does not look easy to learn and it does appear the learning curve is going to be steep for most.

While it does looks like a wheel for a perfect workout if you want to burn some calories, I will probably not be seen using it as it seems too much of a torture just to move a short distance. Last but not least, the investment of USD145 is definitely keeping casual users away. Till the next upgrade of Orbit Wheels where i can levitate and move forward and backward like Nezha, I will probably stick to my trusted bicycle and unicycle.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Good quality
  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive as compared to kickscooters / entry level inline skates
  • Unnatural movement
  • Unwanted attention when using it

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