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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Children.. hope you had fun with the Wheelies rides

KidsFiesta Funtasy Adventure is an annual event organised by MediaCorp for the children of the world. Held at the Marina Float between 12th to 13th March, the event offered lot of activities for children to participate in. The Wheelies is proud to be invited by MediaCorp to be part of this event to provide personal electric mobility rides for children who signed up for KidsFiesta. This is also possibility the first of such a Personal Mobility Kiddy rides to be held at Marina Float.

A sample of the Fun Pass
Themed as The Wheelies Fun Rides, a circuit has been set up specifically for this event. The Wheelies are there to provide the mobility devices in the form of Hoverboard, Electric Unicycle, Dual wheel Electric Unicycle and mini Segway. The Wheelies friendly instructors are also to provide the guidance with regards to the usage of the mobility devices for the children..

Below are some pictures taken during the event.

Our rides
Opening for Business
Check out the queue

Unforgiving weather
It's still raining but the show must go on
Probably the youngest rider at 3 years old
Say I handsome then i tompang u
It was an exhausting two days for #TeamWheelies given the overwhelming response for our rides. The extreme weather for two days where we saw the extreme heat and torrential rain didn't make it any easier for the volunteers too. But saying that, we were glad to be part this event of creating the joy for all the children that participated in the mobility devices rides.

#TeamWheelies enjoying their ice-cream after the event
@Photo credits: Kirby Ong

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