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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Jeff, the accidental Wheelian

In our third feature of our members, we have the chance to speak to Jeffrey, who is also one of the co-owner of The Wheelies and the go to man with regards to issues on EU.

[TWT] So can you tell your audience what's your age and occupation
[Jeffrey] I am 39 years old and I worked as an Engineer in a MNC

[TWT] How did you start on the EU and how long have you been wheeling? 
[Jeffrey] My best friend introduced EU to me in August 2013. I felt that it was a very cool gadget and couldn't stopped being amazed to see him balance on a single wheel to move around. I have been always wanting to buy one. However, before I could, my wife sprang a Xmas surprise on me by buying it as a gift. I guess I am one of the few lucky Wheelians that need not pay for a wheel.

Since then I pick up the skill on how to ride an EU with the help of Boss Heng. I have been riding for 2.5yrs mainly for leisure but also participated in Wheelies performance in Singapore Night Festival and Chingay 2016.

[TWT] How did you find out about Wheelies?
[Jeffrey] I got to know The Wheelies through my secondary friend Thomas. He is also the guy who founded The Wheelies in Singapore

[TWT] Why do you like wheeling?
[Jeffrey] I love to wheel and would take every opportunity to wheel. For example, even though the distance from my home to the multi storey carpark is approximately 150m, I will still use my wheel to go there. Talking about making good use of my investments and pleasing my wife that I am using her gift daily :)

I do enjoy too the long distance rides The Wheelies organises. Part of those trips involved zipping around in town or exploring rural parts of Singapore. Without the EU, I don't even know some of these places exist. For example, I never knew the beauty of St John's and Lazarus Island till one of our Wheelies outing there. Riding through Green Corridor was an eye opener to me too given its a ride through heritage.

[TWT] What is the most difficult trick you have done? 
[Jeffrey] I mastered how to ride comfortably on EU but me being me, my legs get itchy and is always trying to do more with the EU. I started to learn tricks on EU like reversing, riding down the steps, jumping over obstacles, balancing one single leg and many more.  The most difficult trick in my case is to mirror those moves I did on my right leg on my left leg. Till now, I cannot seem to nail down any tricks using my left leg yet but I hope to be able to succeed soon.


Having fun with my daughters

Practising for Night Festival

My Daughter

[TWT] Challenges for Wheelers in Singapore
I see majority of people in Singapore still afraid when seeing someone riding an EU near them. They seems to be afraid that we might knocked into them. Thanks to the Wheelies and their outings, most of us has great control of the wheel and such accidents are totally unheard of.

I do also hope that more people will pick up ride an EU, so when it becomes ubiquitous, people will not treat EU riders with fear. I also look forward to the day where our government can relax the ruling on using an EU in Singapore.

[TWT] Any last words for your readers before we sign off?
[Jeffrey] I love wheeling with my wife and daughter. Do join us to wheel too so you can enjoy what I love doing with my family: quality time wheeling with family, exploring Singapore and great fun.

Thank you once again Jeffrey for sharing your thoughts with us. 

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