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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

It takes both hands to clap

Recently, there was an thread on HWZ referring to a seller of a scooter as Hao Lian (Arrogant in Singlish) and asking all to boycott the seller. While it is important in an industry where good service and reputation counts, I beg to differ on the notion based on the responses of the buyer to the seller. 

Based on the correspondences, the seller was trying to provide different options for the buyer to get his purchase. However, the one liner responses from the buyer probably irked the seller to the extend of responding "boastfully" to the buyer's message. It is not that we are endorsing the seller responses but we do felt that in this incident, the buyer has its fair share of blame too. To go online and flame the seller is so wrong, given the circumstances. As a seller myself, rather than tit for tat messaging, I will probably leave the rude messages alone and move on, not bothering myself further given the buyer apparent lack of interest to buy and rude responses.

To sum it up, it really takes both hands to clap. Buyer will always demand first-class service no matter how much they are paying but a good service works both ways. A Happy Buyer =  A Happy Seller.

* TWT is not related to the buyer and seller

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