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Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Wheelies welcome Tilmann from Germany

What does wheeling really means? It helps bring people of different background together, bonded by a similar interest. What is most amazing is besides knowing people from around us, it also bring visitors from all over the world to this little community in Singapore and this time round, Tilmann from Berlin, Germany. So how did he ended up wheeling with The Wheelies?

It all began from a post below:

We took it up and responded to Tilmann.

11th May. The day finally came for us to meet up with Tilmann. However, what was supposed to be a smashing wheeling session with our foreign visitor was almost threatened by the weather.

We were determined not to let the bad weather destroy our wheeling party and decided to proceed as plan. Thank goodness, the rain finally stopped about 6 pm and we were on our way to meet up our foreign visitor.

A group photo for the early birds

"Wheel handing over" ceremony

Stop over for the food at Satay by the Bay

Taking group photos at iconic landmarks such as The Merlion

Aerial shot of the group from Kirby's drone

Last stop at the Soya Bean store for our desserts.

Besides the memories, we also gave Tilmann something to bring back with him.

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