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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hey! Check out my cool wheel

"Personalization will never go out of style."

Growing up in an era where people customized their mobile phone cases and LED lights on their Ericsson and Motorola phones, this statement couldn't be more true. People basically customize their mobile phones covers and screensavers according to personality, their favorite movies, pictures of family members and loved ones etc. 

Personalization is not only limited to phones. You can also see in car decals, laptops, printed t-shirts, wallpapers and many others.

How about customization on electric unicycles? With the electric unicycle become ubiquitous, has the "personalized syndrome" caught up with the growth? Let's look at the work our members have done.




Theme wheel

Stuffed toy

Swarovski crystals


Wrapping the wheel, in my own personal opinion, is one of the best method to get your wheel personalized. Since the difficult task of sticking the wheel is left to the professionals, all you need is to think of a design or share an idea of what you like to them.

There are currently two great companies providing wrapping services for TWG members for their wheel. Do feel free to approach them if you want to wrap up your wheel. Do enjoy a short video of their work below.

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