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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Wheel with care!

Wheeling has been a favorite pastime for many of us. It is widely seen as a social tool and a hobby for those who adopted this unique form of wheel. Some of us have even ditched our cars and switched to the electric unicycles as the first and last mile transportation. People who wheel enjoy the freedom and the attention on them. While the pavements / routes of Singapore are relatively safe, we still need to be aware of the risk different terrains bring. We attempt to create the awareness by showing you the kind of terrains that we need to take note and rate them according to the slip risk. (1 being lowest and 5 begin highest)

Sand - Slip rating: 4/5

Uneven pavements - Slip rating: 2/5

Wet tiles (Slip rating: 5/5)

Holes on the ground and cracked tiles - Slip rating: 3/5

Kerbs & roaming animals - Slip rating: 2/5

Glass Tiles especially when wet - Slip rating: 5/5

Pavements with Green Moss - Slip rating 5/5

Gravels - Slip rating: 3/5 

Grass - Slip rating: 4/5

So watch out for the above mentioned terrains and wheel with care at all times. Happy wheeling!

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  1. Good advice there. Something a lot of us don't really think about but always nice to have the topic covered ��


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