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Thursday, 14 January 2016

When electric unicycle meets his father

An unicycle is a single wheel bicycle. Unlike a bicycle, an unicycle don't have any handlebar and is single wheel. Thus the riders must learn how to balance using their abdominal and leg muscles.

The first US patents for an unicycle was published in 1869 by Frederick Myers and it is not until 142 years later when the world first saw an electric unicycle in 2011 with Solowheel. The key difference between a electric unicycle and a manual one lies with the self-balancing gyroscope and the Lithum-ion battery which powers the electric unicycle without having the rider to pedal.

Both type of unicycles trained your balancing, concentration and coordination and also work out your abdominal and leg muscles. While the electric unicycle is assisted with a gyroscope that help in most part of the balancing, a manual unicycle requires much more balancing skills. Below is a table of their differences:



Pedal powered

Battery powered



Riding with weight on the seat

Riding with weight on the standing platform

Takes on average 12-20 hours of guided training to learn

Takes on average 1-2 hours of guided training to learn

Intense cardiovascular activity

Low to Moderate cardiovascular activity

Brake by leaning forward and reverse direction of pedaling

Brake by leaning back

Need to learn how to balance in all directions

Gyroscope assists you to balance forward/backward. Only need to know how to balance left and right

On average weighs about 5 kg

On average weighs about 14 kg

For an electric unicycle, in holding your upper body forward of your legs and in an extended position, you work the deepest abdominal support muscles necessary to transfer forces from your feet up through your arms. Electric unicycling allows you too to develop local muscular endurance through holding your quads in a flexed position, as well as some rotational flexibility and strength in pulling turns.

Electric unicycling is moderately aerobic: You are moving large muscle groups enough to elevate your oxygen consumption during twisting and turning. While it helps riders trained up a good core, riding a unicycle is an effective way too to get in a low-impact workout for those with damaged knees and legs,  yet providing you to keep your heart rate between 50% to 85%.. It can be done anytime. It can be a ride to the MRT and/or work place, or out to grab lunch and / or groceries. 

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